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Fall Landscaping Tips, Ideas and Designs for Your Home

Fall Landscaping...Is Now the Best Time to Plant?

Many existing customers and new customers ask me, Sean, when is the best time to plant?

I tell them that Fall is the best time to plant. Why? For one thing, the plants have plenty of time to get established, put out roots, and be ready for spring and summer.

Some Great shrubbery for fall landscaping in Austin, TX are lorapetalums, wax myrtle, cleyera, and boxwoods.

Many Landscapers in Austin use shrubbery such as indian hawthorns, yaupon holly and many other assorted hollies. I am always concerned of how the landscape is going to look 2 years, 5 years, and so on down the road. Let me explain...

Fall Landscaping Advice and Fall Landscaping Ideas

For example, Indian Hawthorns do not look very well when they are trimmed. They are one of the many types of plants that does not look well when they are trimmed and need to be placed in a landscape where they can go free.

It is easy to put in a bunch of plants that look good initially, but 90% of landscapes place plants too close to each other and use varieties that grow too big. I call these landscapes "plant soups".

Instead, create a landscape with contrast and diversity. For example use plants with different leaf colors, such as lime green leaves with purple leaves.

When landscaping be sure to use natural stone, boulders, and wood structures. Most of my landscapes include these items.

A good landscape designer not only uses plants but many other aspects of creation. Plants can only do so much. It can be compared to carpet. Carpet is great, but in order to complete the house, it requires much more.

Fall Landscaping Tips and Fall Landscaping Guide

Adding contrast and color can also be done by using gravels that contrast with the type of mulch you use. When planning your landscape be sure to look for a quality landscape designer that loves his job.

Also remember many people try to landscape their home and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact some do a great job!

But have you ever seen the difference in a home that someone has hired a Interior Decorator versus them decorating it? It looked good before, but now it just has that professional look.

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