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Custom decks are one of my favorite items that we install!

But.. regarding foundations and footings is: "It's what you can’t see that is the most important."

That is definitely true of any Austin custom deck design or whether a Custom Austin Fence is Installed!

As regards building custom decks here in Austin,TX, one of the basics to start with is drainage.

Before contracting a custom deck builder to build your deck. Ask him or her what preventative measures they take to ensure proper drainage below the custom woods deck and decking products.

Also before installing the decking material, it is good to know whether the decking products will be stained or painted. If the homeowner is planning on painting the composite deck, then a moisture barrier product will need to be installed under the custom Austin deck.

Before the moisture barrier is installed, drainage will need to be adequate. This can be done in a variety of ways. If the contractor decides to install a drainage line under the vinyl decks, be sure he does not connect this drain line to any gutter downspouts.

In any drain application, the downspouts will need a separate line to move the water. The reason for this is when heavy rains come down, the gutters move so much water that it will back up the rest of the line.

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How the footings for the custom deck will be installed is probably one of the Top 3 questions to ask... Depending on the size of the deck, will depend the amount of footings needed and the depth.

Typically each post needs to be in the ground with concrete a minimum of 30" - 45" depending on the application. Also reinforcing re-bar can be added to the custom deck footings if needed. The width of the concrete surrounding the post should be a minimum of 8" - 16".

Installing the correct depth on each footing will ensure that the deck will be super strong. In addition to the footings being installed correctly, also using metal fasteners to connect the wood below can really make a big difference on long term stability of the Austin deck installed.

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All of the above are mentioned for installation of hole dug post footings, this is on the most basic custom deck installation procedures.

Other types of footings include, precast piers, hole dug pier with form, and hole dug tube form. Another easy type of footing installation are post anchors.

This is achieved by pouring the concrete and then embedding one part of the metal post anchor in the concrete while the other stays exposed so a post can be attached. The key to this type of footing structure is to have an adjustable anchor.

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The base of the hole dug should have at least 2" or more of gravel for proper drainage. Once you have added a few shovel fulls or bags of gravel to the bottom of the hole, be sure to tamp it down so no movement will take place after installation of the Austin Decking.

For many of our footings we use re-bar on the sides, just to double strengthen our post. This is an activity on a custom deck that is very minimal on expense and takes very little time to add the re-bar to the sides of the post in concrete.

When pouring the concrete porches and decks, some prefer to mix the concrete before and then add to the hole and some prefer to pour the dry mix into the hole.

Whichever procedure you decide to use be sure to mix the concrete well and add enough water for proper adhesion of concrete materials to each other for good finishing of the custom decks.

Also, Keep in mind we install Landscape Lighting!

Looking for a quality Landscape Lighting Installer in Austin?

We offer that service in addition! We recommend only high quality LED's when installing a custom Low Voltage Lighting system in Austin.

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