Basic Elements of Landscape Design 

Elements of Landscape Design in a Austin, TX Landscape; Are They Important?

When you take the time to look at a well prepared Austin landscape we see many basic elements of landscape design Austin come into play. First you have the elements of greenery in a landscape elements and a well thought out Austin TX landscape design

Some of us might not know that within the hard landscape elements the color green sends out positive signals in our brain. It is no surprise that our Creator gave us so much greenery in the world. In a well thought out elements of landscape design, greenery of course is a given landscape elements.

Landscape Design Elements of an Austin TX Landscape

Another element in considering green is whether the plant is deciduous or evergreen. I believe a good mixture of these two is key to a balanced landscape and landscape design in Austin TX area. Of course another factor is looking at whether the plant you are using is native to Texas.

When I implement my various elements to a landscape design I am - of course - looking at how the landscape will look 5 years from now, 20 years from now and after that. As  you may understood, these are the basic elements of landscape design Austin, TX.

Design Elements Weathered Rock Landscape

A quality landscape designer will consider how texture impacts his landscape design when applying design elements weathered rock. Another key factor in a quality Austin TX landscape is the background. When we install our landscapes elements, many are in Austin TX backyards where there is a wood fence.

Many homeowners do not realize that the fence is the background to the weathered rock landscape. In some instances in our advanced and creative landscape design and installation it just requires pressure washing the fence and applying a powerful and long lasting stain. 

I recommend oil based stains and we use many industrial grade stains that last a long time. In some instances in our installation of our elements design, we may add some decorative trim pieces to the fence. It makes them looks extremely beautiful!

The point being in a quality landscape design and installation, don't build a awesome landscape in front of landfill. Consider the background basic elements of landscape design and the design comes out flawless and the investment becomes apparent that it was a good one.

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